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court What does the word precedent mean?
Ewe ndiyayifuna... What does the phrase "Ewe ndiyayifuna eyakho" mean?
ukuHluza Thank you Sara, we have added ukuhluza to the dictionary. The example you gave, i...
inxaxheba You are correct, the entry we had in the dictionary was a typo. We have made the ...
Ukuthini ke What does the phrase "kanti, Ukuthini ke" mean?
grass green What does the word grass green mean?
very white What does the word very white mean?
BAYAJWAYELA !ngyazi BAYAJWAYELA laba.Balokhu bedlala ngamanambazi engathi asibatholi..nxa..sid...
xhosa dictionary What does the word xhosa dictionary mean?
intyabontyi What does the word intyabontyi mean?
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