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Forum Policy

We created this forum so that users can pose questions and share word suggestions in a public format. The title for each topic should be either a Xhosa or English word, expression, or proverb, so please keep that in mind as you create new topics.

Attempt to use correct spelling when you enter a comment, and of course, no foul language or insults will be permitted. We reserve the right to incorporate, remove, and edit any comments as we see fit.

To participate in the forum, all you need is a facebook account. The first time you log in facebook will ask you to verify that you would like to grant xhosadictionary.com access to your basic information. We will only store your user id in our database (so that other users can see who made what comments), and display your public profile picture and your first name next to your comments.

If you are having any problems asking the forum, please Contact Us and let us know.

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