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To look up a word in this dictionary, simply type it in the box in the top left hand corner, and click "Search". You do not have to select a language, but if you want, you can limit your search to either Xhosa or English words, or words that begin with, end with, or perfectly match a certain pattern. I only recommend you limit your search if your initial search gave you too many entries.

Once you find the word you were looking for, click on it, and you can see all information about that entry, including sample sentences as well as any notes about that word. You will also be able to browse words adjacent to that word in the dictionary. If the dictionary cannot find your word, it will attempt to take you to a list of nearby entries, and if possible, propose some possible alternatives.

This dictionary is being organized alphabetically by root. For example, "isidingo" comes right after "dingeka," because "isi-" is not part of the root of the word "isidingo." This keeps related words next to each other, and is very common in Xhosa dictionaries.

Finally, because the two languages are very closely related, there is often mixing between Zulu and Xhosa. We've tried to distinguish the two, and for some entries we have included the equivalent word in Zulu.

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