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We originally created this dictionary because of the lack of good, online dictionaries on the web. That said, there are a number of sites out there that people learning Xhosa may be interested in checking out. This is not an official endorsement in any way of any of the following sites, only a suggestion of other sites.

Other Dictionaries
  • English/Xhosa/English Dictionary
    Large database and easy to use search engine. No grammatical explanations, and some entries are inaccurate. Better suited for Xhosa speakers learning English, as many entries contain one English word with long Xhosa descriptions.
  • Xhosa Translator
    For translating whole sentences. Doesn't work well with individual words.
  • Webster's Online Dictionary
    A list of Xhosa words (and some random phrases) that have been translated from English. Not very extensive.
  • Wikipedia ngesiXhosa
    The Xhosa version of Wikipedia.
  • Epozini
    A blog in Xhosa from the Daily Dispatch.

  • A blog in Xhosa about Xhosa language and culture.

  • The bible in Xhosa (as well as many other languages).

  • Has many articles that have been translated into English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa.
  • iiNkonzo zikaRhulumente
    Has articles in all eleven of South Africa's official languages.
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